GUNSMOKE TESTIMONIALS

Good Afternoon,

I am currently deployed to Afghanistan, where I have seen your weapons here as well as when I was in Iraq. A friend of mine has 2 of your rifles that he uses in Iraq and that is where I first had the opportunity to see them used and try them myself. I am from Florida and I know of your company. I will tell you right now that I like what you do and the weapons that you make.

I know that you are busy and I will try to make this as brief as possible. I am looking to buy 2 of your rifles and I have a few questions for you:

1. On the Deluxe GSE M4. Does it have a chrome lined barrel for the 16" and is the flash suppressor a standard Mil-Spec with the standard Mil-Spec threading? I have a custom muzzle break from MacArthur that I would like to use on it. I have seen this type used on my friends M4 and the accuracy is improved for the slightly longer shots. Or do you recommend your muzzle break? If so how much would it cost to have it installed on the rifle before you send it to me?

2. I am also interested in 3 of the long range .223 rifles that you offer. The Std. A3 with the 24" bull barrel and the AR15 Bench Rest Varminter and the GSE Sniper Rifle. I would like to buy all 3 but I don't make enough money hence why I volunteered for another deployment(I only returned from Iraq back in Nov 07 and I deployed to Afghanistan a few months later).
I shoot from a bipod most of the time. Does the Standard A3 knurled hand guard have the provision to mount a Harris bipod?
Does the GSE Sniper Rifle have a 24" barrel?
With proper care and maintenance what is the service life of the Wilson barrels? How many rounds before the barrel degredation starts to really affect accuracy?

3. I am out of San Antonio right now because when I deployed I moved my wife back with her family. I have a gunshop out there that I deal with, would you be able to send both of the rifles there? I know that it should not be a problem but I still ask.

4. Is there a back order wait right now and if so how long is it? I ask because my leave is in the later half of March and I would love to be able to come home and have them there so I can spend some time on the range.

I know that I have taken up alot of your time and I appreciate you taking the time out or your busy day to answer my questions. When I get ready to order them I will order them both at the same time.

Thank you very much for your time.

Calvin Rivieccio
U.S. Army
MRAP Program
Kandahar Province, Afghanistan


I know it took awhile, but I wanted to give you some feedback on your rifles. They have performed flawlessly. As we discussed at your place, cops are not easy on guns! We have trained about thirty officers so far and these rifle have proved themselves "cop proof". Every officer has praised "their new rifle".

Our officers are required to pass a 24 hour course of fire that includes plenty of rolling around in the sand and shooting from every position. The only problems we have had are with the frangible ammo we use on steel. The rifles are great. Thanks for the obvious care and attention put into each and every rifle. Stay safe!


"Freedom is a sacrifice the protected wills never know."
"If you find yourself in a fair fight, you failed to properly plan beforehand."
Stay Safe!

Lt. Jerry Emert, Commander
Professional Standards and Training
University of Central Florida Police



I wanted to write personally regarding the m4 I purchased from GSE. I took it out this past Friday and put her through some demanding drills. This includes tactical exercises, shooting form prone, shooting on the move, and rapid fire drills. Right form the beginning, I noticed this M4 was different once I shouldered it. The Gunsmoke M4 truly has balance. It's not too heavy in full battle dress (Eotech, Surefire, and Chalker sling) and is easy to point and acquire a target. The fit and finish are masterfully done the rail system is rock solid. The VLTOR stock is a nice touch as it permits a comfortable cheek weld and commits ot the rifle nicely. Not one single failure to feed or extract in over 500 rounds using military surplus. This is saying alot from a weapon that is bran new and not broken in. The weapon literally has no recoil. This is the first AR that I have shot extensively (and I've shot 'em all) that enables you to keep it on target (no loss of sight picture) during stress fire. Weapons with characteristics like this become 'a standard' and earn their place as a primary defense weapon. This m4 is accurate and most important, RELIABLE. I can say my faith is restored in the ar family and I will be placing my beloved AK back in the safe. Needless to say, i am very impressed with the Gunsmoke M4 and didn't hold back my praise to my peers. As a result, there is great interest in the weapon amongst my peers and sphere of influence. All I have for your work is praise. It's not every day you can brag on an ar-15. There are so many examples out there, yet, so few to deliver on their promises. Without a doubt, Gunsmoke Enterprises has a clear winner! Again, thank you for the great work. Best Regards, Wayne Wilder Owner Tech Arms Bedford TX


Ed; I received the 2 Vor-tech flash hiders last week that I ordered from you. Ed they are top notch. Went and shot them at night and the flash signature was reduced by 99% as compared to several other flash hiders and muzzle brakes. Shipping was fast and reasonable. I will recommend your product to other police officers here in the Houston area. James Bacon Range master Metropolitan Transit Authority Police Houston, TX





Ran across an add of yours in Guns America. Found you had a web site...Whatta site!Can't beat the two choppers shown-PanHead and full autos. Looks like you offer some real quality with the right outlook.Semper Fi,Jim M.



Hi Ed, Just wanted to let you know how much I like my rifle I purchased from you! Last month, sorry it took me so long to get back to you been very busy hope you had a great New year. The carbine is amazing the best gun I have ever shot and far surpasses any AR-15 configuration I have ever owned. I am very impressed with the workmanship that went into the gun I look forward to stocking your firearms in my Oldsmar store location in the very near future. As far as accuracy it definitely out shoots any other manufacturer or AR style rifles I have ever fired. Just wanted to say thanks for building my dream M4 its everything you claim and more! John, Florida Survivalist




Hi Ed. thanks for the good deal on the AR this week-end at the Bradenton gun show. I am going to Urban assault school in Hillboro,Co. Feb. 15,16,17 and wanted a gun of my own.( I was going to borrow my Sgts. gun and he immediately started saying don't touch the site, I have it sighted in etc. so I knew if i screwed it up he would not be happy, so I bought my own. already the guys at the PD can't believe what I got for the money..after the school I might have some customers for you.... Officer Mike Hancock Bradenton Beach PD Firearms Instr. and Training Officer


Hi ed as promised, I would get back when I finished the Urban Rifle school at the Hillsboro Co. Sheriff Dept. range. The school was a 24 hr.outside range. My GSE preformed as good if not better that some of the $1,200 colts. I did not have one malfunction during the entire school. after zeroing in, we were shooting jugs at 100 yrds. but for our police work, sighted them in at 50 yrs. line. I passed with a 96, thru two out at the 50 yrd line(my fault)anyway just wanted you to know that I am VERY happy with my rifle. also thank you for the fast answer to my problem, and the quick fix at the gun show....... Mike Hancock Bradenton Beach Police Dept. Bradenton bch. Fl.


Thank you very much for both the AR-15 and GSE AR-15 pistol that I purchased a few

 months back when you were at the Fairgrounds in WPB. I am more than pleased with

 both and impressed with the workmanship and obvious attention to detail. I own

 another AR-15 made by a longstanding company that "everyone" knows about. I do

not think that they have anything on GSE. They both drew alot of attention recently
at the Sheriff's range and some of the deputies asked to fire the pistol and we all

looked like kids at a candy store. The weapons are reliable and I'm just impressed

 and grateful. Your prices are very competitive.